Kale… kale crisps!

I like a lot of green vegetables, especially cabbage and sprouts; as a child there were always greens growing in the garden, including cabbage (white cabbage, not the big leafed green variety) and sprouts, and also broccoli. Broccoli was my favourite, it was so delicious, so sweet, so tender… however, when I buy it these days it just doesn’t seem to be the same, not as nutty, not as melt in the mouth, not as flavoursome – I am talking about green and purple sprouting broccoli, not calabrese which I do like but is very different. However, two things we never had were spinach and kale.

I have tried my best with spinach – I don’t mind it raw in salads, or just a little cooked with other things, especially cheese, but kale, I admit I struggle with. I have an organic vegetable box delivered every week, and there are always lovely treats, but I do get a lot of kale… my husband doesn’t like any green leaf vegetables at all – he will have one single Christmas sprout but that is it, so to get through a great big bag of kale is a challenge.

I was searching for recipes using it which might appeal, which I could make in small enough quantities for me to be able to eat… and I came across kale crisps, which do sound very strange – crisps are usually root vegetables…

Nothing ventured nothing gained, and improvising on ingredients I had a go, with great success!!! Now I know what to do with kale if I get more, what delicious thing I can do with it!

Here is what I did:

  • kale
  • olive oil
  • desiccated coconut ( I guess you could use small seeds like sesame, poppy, chia etc)
  • salt – not too much – you can always add more later, I overdid it and it was a bit too salty
  1. strip all the green part off the stems of the kale, wash if necessary, tear into smallish pieces
  2. add the other ingredients – I didn’t measure the oil, just glugged it in and I did put in too much – better to add a generous amount and then more if you need
  3. massage the leaves with your hands and so they become all oily and soft and a bit wilty
  4. spread them in layers on trays to go in the oven
  5. put them in the oven at gas mark 3 or 4 (I had them at 3 and it was a bit low)
  6. the recipe I followed said for 6 minutes but that wasn’t nearly enough, more like 10, but check to make sure they’re not getting too crisp, turn them over as necessary
  7. leave them to cool if you can – if you have too many they store well in an air-tight box

There are loads of variations available, using different flavourings, herbs and spices – parmesan and lime sound good, and so do maple syrup, or salt and cinnamon if you like cinnamon, ras-el-hanout… and pretty much whatever appeals to you palate!

I have no photos to share, dark green grizzled crisps taste yummy but don’t look that special! The featured image is of a coconut that my dad carved by hand.





  1. David Lewis

    Years ago they used to sell bags of kelp in the bars here in Canada and I loved it and it sure gave you an appetite for more beer. I don’t see it any more and I was wondering if you ever had it in England?

    Liked by 1 person

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