Another Green Olive triumph

Where would I like to go on Mothering Sunday? I would like to go to my favourite restaurant, the Green Olive in Bridgwater, and that is where my family took me.

We were shown to our seats and there followed a splendid feast with a couple of bottle of Yakut wine; we had mixed starters of all sorts of nice Turkish things, as well as patlican soslu – aubergines with tomatoes and peppers, borek – cheese wrapped in pastry, fried liver, and spicy prawns. Although we each ordered something different, we tried and shared each other’s meals, various kebabs and grilled meats, salad and rice. Then just for once, I had dessert – a selection of delicious sweets, including baclava, revani and sekerpare which I had never had before.

Revani is a soft, moist, semolina sponge, soaked in a light syrup… and here is a recipe from Ozlem Warren:

Sekerpare are delightful little almondy semolina cakes – if I had made them at home I don’t think I would have been able to stop eating them! In fact, I might try making some at home, and then give them to my friends to save me from myself. Here is Ozlem’s recipe:

We finished our meal with coffee and complimentary Turkish Delight. If by some chance you should visit Bridgwater, and it’s an interesting town, then go to the Green Olive for lunch or for dinner:


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