Marmalade and kippers

A few days ago I mentioned a useful little jam, jellies and preserves recipe book, called as you might imagine,  ‘Jams, Jellies and Preserves – How to Make Them’ by Ethelind Fearon. Although it was published over sixty years ago, it still is very useful and has some wonderful and unusual suggestions for making different jams, jellies and preserves – and also marmalades, cheeses, curds and conserves too.

Ethelind suggests different uses for these spreads other than having them on bread and butter or toast – and not just to sandwich cakes together or use in tarts. Have a look at these suggestions… some seem bizarre, but some of them sound really tempting:

  • barberry jam with rice pudding
  • plum, walnut and raisin jam or fig and curry jam with curry ( great alternative to mango chutney!)
  • lime and pineapple jam with duck – wild or otherwise (which makes me think of the old joke, diner to waiter: Is the duck wild? Waiter to diner: Wild? He’s absolutely furious!
  • green tomato in a cheese sandwich
  • barberry jelly with turkey (sounds good!)
  • marmalade with apple pie
  • green gooseberry fool with mackerel – sounds perfect! The fool, by the way isn’t what I understand as a fool, stewed fruit blended with custard, but a concentrated preserve
  • rose petal jam with yoghourt – note the spelling; I didn’t realise yoghurt was used as early as this, I thought it was more of a sixties thing
  • parsley jelly with boiled cod or poultry (not sure whether anyone just boiled fish and fowl any more)
  • marrow and gin jam with cold beef or soused herrings – I don’t like gin, but apart from that it sounds quite modern!
  • mint jelly or mulberry and apple jam with cold lamb – mint jelly is the convention
  • damson cheese with hot boiled ham
  • rowan hip jelly with jugged hare – rowan berries are so often seen as merely ornamental, great to make use of them! Waste nothing!
  • a spoonful of orange marmalade mixed with half the quantity of finely chopped mint with lamb – I’m not keen on mint, but for those who are I’m sure this would be good!
  • marmalade with bacon or kippers… I’ll pass on that one, but there is a story about marmalade and kippers…
  • crab apple jelly with venison – sounds wonderful!

Many years ago, my parents had French friends and they told us they had stayed in a boarding house while on their travels, I have a feeling it was in the north of England but it is many years ago; for breakfast they were served kippers with marmalade which they thought was both weird and hilarious! We didn’t say anything at the time, but we thought maybe the kippers and a dish of marmalade were brought to their table at the same time and weren’t intended to be eaten together. Now reading Ethelind, I wonder if maybe our friends were right! marmalade and kippers!


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