When is enough enough? Talking about editing…

My next novel, Earthquake is finished… I am just doing all those last-minute things which must plague every author, especially self-publishing authors! I have been publishing my books for the last five years through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP, and it has worked well… but each time, because I’m doing it myself, I have this last-minute fever of tweaking – and at some point it has to stop! (Yes, I know I said last-minute twice!)

Have I mentioned such and such enough? have I mentioned so and so too many times? Do I need a loner/shorter description, do I need any description? Is it clear what has just happened/is happening/is about to happen? Am I consistent with colour of eyes/nick-names/ways of speaking? Do I use too many swear words? Not enough? Are my characters irritating? Do I need to shorten that chapter? So I need to put those two chapters together? Have I repeated the same words/phrases/adjectives etc too often?

At some point I have to concede that either I carry on correcting until doomsday, or I finish and get the book out there!  I will let you know!

In the meantime, here is a link to the books I have published, and I would really appreciate your comments on my Amazon page, or here!


… and by the way, my next book s called ‘Earthquake’!


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