The Public are respectfully informed

Old newspapers are always fascinating, but it’s also exciting when you come across your own family mentioned. In about 1839, my great-great-grandfather, Samuel Moses, his wife Rosetta and several of their children left London and travelled to what was then called Van Diemen’s Land. He went there on a commercial enterprise and became a partner with his brother-in-law, Louis Nathan in what was in essence and import/export business. This report announces it’s beginning:

June 1, 1841


THE Public are respectfully informed, that the Undersigned, having (in conjunction with his BROTHER-IN-LAW, MR SAMUEL MOSES) purchased the extensive premises known as COMMERCIAL HOUSE, lately in the occupation of MESSRS. THOMAS & Co , in addition to those occupied by himself in Liverpool street, the business hitherto earned on his sole account will for the future be conducted in> conjunction with MR SAMUEL MOSES, under the Firm of NATHAN, MOSES, & Co., when be trusts that patronage and support which he has hitherto so liberally experienced from the public, and for which he expresses his best thanks, will be continued to the new establishment.
The Undersigned further respectfully intimates, that all claims upon him to the present date, as also all debts owing to the late concern will be assumed by the New Firm, as above.

They later had a second shop and also warehouses and several ships, but this was the beginning of their enterprise, and my family’s connection with what is now called Tasmania

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