The frivolous croquettes

Continuing yesterday’s them of the National mark Calendar of Cooking…

A new month, and forget about April Fools, and think about the year turning and days becoming warmer, and all sorts of new seasonal vegetables appearing in abundance. here is what the National Mark Calendar of Cooking has to say for April:

April is Spring’s harbinger, if only the first brave spears of asparagus tell us so. Chickens are now growing lustily, tell us still more, and ducklings quack-quacking on the village pond re-echo the welcome sounds of other Springs. We can eat a little more easily, and with the lengthening days demand a lighter fare. And elegant, too, for are not the manifestations of warmer days appearing in the greengrocer’s as those little bunches of radishes to make our salads so much gayer?
April is a good month to furbish up potato cookery. The humble boiled or mashed or fried, the greedy baked or roast, the frivolous croquettes and fritters – these all pall at last. It is still two months to the crop of new ones and meanwhile there are quite three hundred different ways to choose from. The old potato is a bore – let’s wake him up: and induce him to make friends with other vegetables!
Summer is still tantalizingly far away but we still have our canned sunshine, and why not a pie? Potatoes and pies. An apple pie too: for Bramleys are still about. Two good resolutions for a good month!

I don’t know whether Ambrose heath wrote these little introductions, or whether it was his co-author Dorothy Daisy Cottington Taylor… but aren’t they fun! I have never come across the verb ‘furbish’ before, and never heard croquette potatoes described as frivolous… but I shall think of it next time I see them on a menu!

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