A remarkable family

The remarkable family I’m talking about is my own! I have just come back from the annual family Easter holiday, not just my husband and children and partners, but my four cousins and their families too! It might seem strange to some people that the five couples and various attachments, children, grandchildren, partners, fiancé/es enjoy not just being with each other, but staying somewhere at least a couple of hours away from home, and staying there for a week, yes a whole week! What is more this is probably the fifteenth year that we have done this!

I have four cousins, all brothers and sisters (two of each) and we have been spending Easter together in all different parts of the country for as long as some of the children can remember. This year we were near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, in the little village of Whitchurch. We rented a large house and for five of the nights each family cooked one meal, on the first night we had sausages, on the last night we had left-overs and curry. We traditionally always have a Sunday roast with all the trimmings and vegetables, this year it was chicken and pork. We also have, by popular demand, a pie – and this year it was chicken and leek, with suet pastry. The other three dinners were lamb tagine, chicken Thai green curry and lasagna – all delicious! We don’t have puddings as such but we bring cakes – Battenberg, two different fruit cakes,lemon, chocolate brownies, carrot cake muffins, rocky road muffins, ginger, lemon, baklava, halva… and more I can’t remember.

The younger people go off and do their own activities, which this year included a tree top adventure and canoeing, the cousins go off walking, or horse-riding, or visiting the nearby historical monuments… whatever takes our fancy!

We had a most wonderful time, and the best part was being with such amazing people! We haven’t yet booked next year… but who knows where we might be!

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