Home to the Dolph

Although we only go to the pub a couple of times a week (quiz night on Tuesday and usually Sunday too) and although we only go for a fairly short time – less than an hour and a couple of pints, we are real pub people! So when we are away from home, having a good pub nearby is quite important!

A little while ago I mentioned we had been away recently, to Whitchurch in Herefordshire and Shoreham in West Sussex. We were in Whitchurch on our annual family holiday and we went to an excellent pub called The Crown; it was excellent for a number of reasons – it was almost next door to where we were staying, it served good beer, Butty Bach from Wye Valley Brewery, and it had a great team behind the bar. In Shoreham we found another nice pub called The Ferry; I can’t find out much about it, but we had good beer, nice people behind the bar and there seemed to be a lively crowd of locals.

However… however, wherever we go, we always like to come home to ‘our’ pub, the Dolphin, the best pub in the world. We wandered down tonight just after ten, and it was very busy – because it was Easter Sunday. There was a gang of maybe twelve to fourteen people all squashed around a couple of tables in the part we usually go in – squashed because they wanted to be near each other I guess as there was plenty of room to spread out, there was a great gang of people in the bar by the darts board all talking noisily and having a great time,and  a few groups in what we call the cross-benches, the bar between the two ends (it’s our little joke “A crossbencher is an independent or minor party member of some legislatures, such as the British House of Lords…They take their name from the crossbenches, between and perpendicular to the government and opposition benches, where crossbenchers sit in the chamber.)

We had a couple of pints, a good old gossip with Tom behind the bar about his recent holiday adventures, had a conversation with each other about all sorts of things, then sauntered home for a whisky (the Singleton) and now here I am and he is watching a programme about the Romans.

We will wander down to the Dolphin again on Tuesday… and no doubt have another couple of pints of the best beer in the world, made by Otter Brewery…


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