I just twinned my toilet

I came across a charity which provides toilet facilities in countries where many people have nowhere to go… to go! It maybe a bit of a gimmick in a way, but the idea is that you twin your toilet – you donate to have a toilet facility built somewhere; you can chose which country or you can have the organisation choose.

It strikes me that water and sanitation or lack of it are such a fundamental right, and that lack of them makes life so difficult for people many of whom are already in difficult circumstances, that helping in a small way by twinning or donating a toilet, would really help at a very basic level.

People are forced from their homes for all sorts of reasons, and struggle with difficult and challenging lives… if they have the security of knowing they can keep themselves and their families clean and safe from many sanitary based diseases and illnesses maybe they would have a better chance of a positive life…

  • 2.4 billion people don’t have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the loo. That’s more than a third of the people on the planet.
  • Every day, 2 million tons of sewage and other wastewater drain into the world’s waters
  • Toilet Twinning funds the work of international relief and development agency Tearfund. Your donation will be used to provide clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education. This vital combination works together to prevent the spread of disease. Children are healthier, and able to go to school; parents are well enough to work their land and grow enough food to feed their family. With better health, and more ability to earn a living, men and women discover the potential that lies within them to bring transformation

I don’t yet know where my twinned toilet will be, but i look forward to hearing from it!!



    1. Lois

      There are projects in particular areas, mostly Africa, Asia and South America – the focus is on toilets rather than other needs, but I’m sure there are other aspects of aid covered in different ways. Apparently my toilet twin is in the DRC – a great need there I should imagine!


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