Six and seven

I am very fortunate to have lovely cousins! One of my lovely cousins takes me shopping whenever we are together – not because I am infirm in any way, I am definitely not, but I am a hopeless clothes and shoes shopper… I am fantastic shopping for food, vegetables, wine, books, equipment… just about anything I’m ok… but clothes… I don’t enjoy it, I never know what suits me and am forever buying things which i love but suddenly realise look ghastly on me. I don’t like the trying on in tiny cubicles, I get bored, like a naughty child…

However, as I said, I have a cousin who is a great shopper with me! While we were away on holiday she went to a retail outlet which she found had lots of shoes and sandals in a sale; knowing I desperately needed sandals she came back and then took me in search of footwear! Somehow shopping with her is great! She finds things I would never think of and when I try them on they look good, and when I get them home they look good,and ever after that when I wear them they look good!

So we arrived at the retail outlet and went in and over to the shoe section, where they did have a great sale, as well as full-price shoes too. I immediately found a pair of sandals, which fitted, which were comfortable, which my cousin said looked fine… and then I found another pair and while I was trying them on she wandered off. She came back with a third pair of sandals, very nice blue ones, just perfect – but being her not me, she was looking at them carefully, looking at the label etc. I would have just put them on but no, she had to inspect them.

“Oh dear, the reason they are in the sale is that one is a size six and one is a size seven. This style isn’t in the sale at all, but someone with odd sized feet has obviously been naughty and taken one from each of two pairs to fit herself – leaving two odds… ”

I looked at the shoes… I have odd sized feet, and have to put up with a pair of shoes where one fits fine and the other is a little too small, or a little too big… And do you know, the sandals my cousin had found fitted me perfectly! By some fluke, the sizes were perfect!

So I now have three new pairs of sandals!

Side by side, two of my new pairs of sandals on the middle row – six and seven on the right!


  1. David Lewis

    With different size feet do you find yourself walking in circles quite a bit? I think you could get the smaller one stretched easier that squishing the bigger one.

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  2. David Lewis

    There’s a bird in Canada called the Wonga Wonga bird that starts out life flying slowly in large circles. The older it gets the faster it flies and and the smaller the circles get. This action keeps repeating itself until it flies up its own ass and disappears. It’s vary rare for obvious reasons and is worshiped by our natives. Could be that’s what’s happening to your sparrows and it’s hard to break them of the habit!

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