A bit of an incident with a toy car and cheese sauce

The main character of my Radwinter books is Thomas Radwinter; he does most of the childcare in the family, and because he loves food and cooking he’s the family chef as well. The stories about Thomas are mysteries; there are several puzzles in the books, genealogical and quirky and occasional involve criminals – the previous book, Beyond Hope was about people smuggling, my latest one Earthquake has two dubious characters called Mark and Andy Dune who Thomas has the misfortune to come up against.

My Radwinter stories are also genealogical mysteries, and there is  always a historical puzzle for Thomas to solve. Both these strands are set against the development of Thomas himself as a character, and how he changes as life happens to him.

I’d like to share an extract where Thomas misses a vital piece of information, by being s=distracted by his children’s antics:

I was in the middle of making dinner, pasta and vegetables with cheeses sauce when the phone rang and it was my flower shop friend Kim, my associate who I’d taken to the Waterside Inn.
He was quite excited about something, about the old, old harbour and a shop and something which I missed because at that point Kenneil decided he was going to copy his sister and start throwing things, and caught me quite painfully on the side of the face with a toy car.
I spun round, still trying to talk to Kim, cheese sauce flying off my wooden spoon and glared at Kenneil who was trying to say ‘it was Cassie’, ‘it was only a little car’, ‘Terri pushed  me’, I didn’t meant to’, ‘it was the car’s fault…’
“Sorry Kim, yes fine, speak to you later, the kids are causing ructions!”
Kylie walked into this moment of chaos with Kenneil shouting, Cassie screaming and Terri who, for some reason, had jumped onto the settee and was standing as if she wanted to climb out of the room.
I told Kenneil he wasn’t to throw things, I’d speak to him later, and after trying to be severe, I slipped on a great splodge of cheese sauce and by some acrobatic feat and a great leap, stayed on my feet. Kylie not knowing exactly what had happened burst out laughing at me which got everyone else laughing too.

The point of this incident, which I hope has an amusing aspect, is as a plot device; Thomas misses what Kim was saying and because of that things go rather badly wrong for both Kim and Thomas. I also hope it shows how difficult it is for Thomas juggling all these different things in his life.

If you want to find out more, here is a link to my book:


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