Buried treasure

There is a lovely story in the news about someone who found some buried treasure in their garden – it wasn’t a chest of gold ducats, or a Saxon hoard, or Roman armour, it was something a boy of fourteen had buried in 1981.

Paul Levallois buried a box with stamps, coins, bottles and a cassette. He wrote letters explaining his ‘hoard’ and I think showed real imagination in choosing his items to go in his treasure chest. Children often have this urge to connect with someone from somewhere else, somewhere else in a different location and in a different time.

I’m sure lots of us have put messages in bottles and thrown them into the sea, or hidden them in holes in tree trunks. I expect lots of us have dug up our garden in search of treasure! Especially after such inspiring programmes as ‘Time Team’, all across the country kids must have been digging holes in their gardens – I know my kids did!

This item only appeared today, and I know a search has been launched on social media, so it will be wonderful if or when young Paul, now much older Paul is found!

here is a link to the story with photos of Pau;l’s letters:



  1. David Lewis

    When I was about eight years old I was digging about in our garden in Old Trafford and I found a metal box about a foot or so deep. The rusty lock fell off and inside was a pistol and a pile of money with very large denomination bills and a strange language on them. My father thought we were fabulously rich but it turned out they were German currency printed at the time of hyper inflation after the great war and were worthless. He got some money for the pistol and he bought me some dinky toys though.

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    1. Lois

      What an exciting find!! I bet that currency would be worth something now – so much of it was destroyed because it was worthless then! Another great story from you, Mr Lewis!


  2. David Lewis

    Our house was broken into and the only things taken were some money and my dinky toys. The police found the culprits who were two brothers about eight and ten whos’ father was in prison and mother a prostitute. That was the last straw for my dad and we moved to Canada. Could have met you Lois in Manchester if I hadn’t been abducted. Could have danced to the old Motown hits. The stars were out of line.

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  3. David Lewis

    I went to college in Windsor just across the river from Detroit and did most of my partying in Detroit at a spot called the Rooster Tail. Got to know all the dance moves and was a smash when I moved back home.Had a great job, a hot car and lots of jingle in my jeans. Life was great and don’t regret a minute of it. Like I tell the young guys at the YMCA. #1 become a plumber and work for yourself #2 never miss a party because you can’t save it in the bank.


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