Who will win?

I’m not thinking about the election, I’m thinking about Masterchef! Tonight it is the final and it’s going to be even more tense and gripping than usual! All three of the remaining contestants are brilliant, all three have great characters and seem interesting and nice people – I don’t have a favourite, I’ll be delighted for the winner, and so sorry for the two losers. I enjoy the programme every year, but this year the chefs seem to have been a different class, far more ‘professional’ right from the early rounds, but without being flash or with fancy equipment and weird foods and combinations.

I love cooking and food, but the more I watch Masterchef (and other cookery competition programmes) the more I realise that never in a million years could I take part! I do get nervous, but I guess I could get over that, but the other aspects of my personality which would trip me up – being absent-minded and forgetful, not reading or misreading recipes – and getting a blind spot about a particular instruction or ingredient, going off in the wrong direction (and not just physically in the kitchen) so that I end up doing completely the opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing, being side-tracked by other people and not being focused, getting silly… And not being competitive!

I’m not sure what the challenge will be tonight, probably something like cooking a signature three course meal… so what would I cook?

  1. I think I might start with a chicken liver and black pudding something or another – I was tempted by the thought of a tartare, but that doesn’t involve cooking and however I might balance the ingredients, it is only chopping and mixing… maybe a chicken liver, sweetbreads and black pudding something, served with watercress and endive and some sort of sweet goo – date something maybe? Spicy date something? Spicy date and pomegranate something?
  2. so main course… I would be tempted by pigeon, but if I’ve had a meaty starter then maybe a fishy main… Herring is my favourite fish, but how to serve it so it’s posh, sophisticated and ‘fine dining’ enough, as the Masterchef judges say… so maybe brown trout, or maybe salmon trout, also known as sewin… yes that would be nice with potatoes of some description, and broad beans (I prefer them with their grey jackets on, but all ‘fine dining’ seems to involve skinning them) and asparagus, and maybe some flageolets… but would I want two lots of beans – well, I would, but would the Masterchef judges? I would serve it with a buttery, wine and seaweed sauce… maybe I’d have some nice seaweed as a vegetable too… maybe I need to rethink the whole thing!
  3. I wouldn’t have a sweet dessert I would do a cheesy something – probably a soufflé, served with a crispy something – bread or biscuit or something, some nice chutney/relish and maybe pickled walnuts…

I don’t think I would win with that menu, but I’d enjoy eating it!



  1. Val Mills

    Down here we watch Master Chef Australia, so I’m presuming yours is the UK version? The Australian 2017 one has apparently recently started in Aussie, so we’ll be getting it a bit later. I love the thought of your chicken liver and black pudding something!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      Yes, this is the UK version – so tense! This year the contestants were so good, so professional and focused! Normally I have someone I hope will win, but this year they were all marvellous!


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