I had to chuckle again…

I know I’ve shared these before, but I can’t help laughing every time I reread them – I hope you do too! These are all thing said – or mis-said, by colleagues in meetings – same colleagues over ten years of meetings… some of them I can’t even remember what the words should have been, or even what they meant!

  1. A complete whitewash excuse
  2. He’s a gunpowder plot boy
  3. A three man snake
  4.  Talking about an Amish woman: was she born an Amonite? (Mennonite)
  5. Bare-buckle knoxing
  6. Bend over backwards and make a rod for your own back
  7. Best thing since Cheddar cheese
  8.  Bobfoc, you’ll know it when you know it
  9. Breathalysation
  10. Bushy eyed and bright tailed
  11. Can’t see the light for the trees
  12. Celebrity sausages.
  13. Chicken dressed as mutton
  14. Crisps contain a lot of salt and e-factors
  15. Dave: There’s a fly in the ointment. Phil: there are many flies in this ointment
  16. Dave: She fancies me. Joey: she’s so disillusioned
  17. Ear sex… Joey: what’s ear sex?
  18. Electric trousers
  19. Going up a niche
  20. Handed a spoon to redeem himself



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