London: we must go on

It might seem easy for me to say, in a small village in the southwest, far away from big cities such as Manchester and London, big cities where such sad and tragic events have recently unfolded… not accidents, but deliberate acts of hate and horror, it might seem easy for me to say ‘we must go on‘ but really we must.

These acts of cowardice must not affect our lives  – so if we have plans to travel, to visit, to do the ordinary everyday things, we must continue to do them. Those people who committed these vile atrocities are trying to sow seeds of hate and fear and discord… We have to be brave and open and respectful to others, otherwise they have won. We won’t enter a battle to harm or spread hate; we will join the fight against those who commit these cowardly acts and who help and support those who do. We will will, we the ordinary people, we will win.

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