Yellow car

Yellow car is the most ridiculous and u=infuriating and pointless game. The simple objective is to be first to say ‘yellow car’ when a yellow car appears. That’s it. So if you’re driving along and a yellow car passes you/is parked on the side of the road/is waiting at an intersection/is waiting at a roundabout/is waiting at traffic lights/is in a car park/garage. on a drive… anywhere and you shout out ‘yellow car’ everyone else goes ‘doh’ and that’s it… you don’t collect points, you don’t ever win, you just are the first (or not to spot a yellow car.

My children used to play it, I suppose it kept them amused when we were going on a journey; I have no idea where they got it from, it was nothing I had ever come across. Anyway… the other day, completely out of the blue (not yellow!), as we are driving along, my husband suddenly says ‘yellow car’! he just unexpectedly and randomly started playing, without telling me!

I didn’t realise but there is an official website:

Recently yellow cars have been in the news. A gentleman, Mr Maddox, had a lot of complaints, and then actual vandalism because he owned a yellow car and parked it by his home in the picturesque village of Bibury by people who thought ti spoiled the photo they wanted to take. other yellow car owners were so outraged they had a parade through the village, Vauxhall have said they might name a shade of yellow on their Corsas (the car Mr Maddox owned) Maddox yellow, and he bought a different coloured car!

My featured picture is of red cars…


  1. Reprobate Typewriter

    It sounds like a really civilised game of slug bug… In which the goal is to spot VW beetles first and slug the sibling next to you when you do. Or… You know, get slugged when you don’t. I have a cousin who is still slightly lopsided from losing so often, so be careful to rotate the children regularly so they get it evenly on both sides.😉

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  2. David Lewis

    When I was a kid in England my parents would take my brother and I to Blackpool in the summer and the first one of us to spot the Blackpool tower would get sixpence. Magic moments. I carry a picture of my mother in my wallet, does that make me weird?

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    1. Lois

      Hi Fab Four in Cley! Yes, I hope you have a great weekend too! Just home from seeing an Elvis Presley impersonater – he was very good, even though I don’t particularly like Elvis! Great fun with friends!

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      1. Klausbernd

        Dear Lois
        My father was an Elvis Fan – unbelievable. I can imagine that it was great fun.
        We are not Elvis-fans either, but we wouldn’t mind seeing a good impersonator too.
        All the best
        The Fab Four of Cley

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