To prevent confusion and continual repacking… Foots’ Drawer Trunk

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TRUNK COMFORT – “If you knew  all the advantages of a ‘EUREKA’  Trunk, you would not travel with any other. It saves much time and trouble as each article is get-at-able. It carries the garments in perfect order, avoids crushing and economises space by the systematic method of packing. It prevents confusion and continual repacking, as any article can be removed without disturbing the remainder of the contents.”

J.N. Foot of New Bond Street did not only sell trunks, he provided every sort of item a household in the 1900’s could want, including an ‘improved home Turkish bath:
‘ which ‘enables everyone to enjoy in their own home all the luxuries and advantages of the Dry Steam, Vapour, Oxygen Medicated, and Perfumed Baths. A sure cure for Colds, Influenza, Aching Muscles, Stiff Joints, Rheumatism, &c. Ensures a Healthy Skin, Clear Complexion, and prevents Obesity. It is portable, can be used in any room, and folds up when not in use.’

It sounds the perfect thing! If that wasn’t good enough then maybe Foot’s Bath Cabinet,:
‘All the delights of hot air, vapour, medicated, and perfumed baths, can be enjoyed privately at home with assured safety and comfort. Nothing else is so effective in keeping the blood pure, preventing sickness, stopping colds, curing Influenza Rheumatism, &c. AN IDEAL HEALTH-GIVING LUXURY. It eliminates poisonous matters from the system, increases the flow of blood – the life-current – freed from its impurities, clears the skin, recuperates and revitalises the body, quiets the nerves, rests the tired, and creates that delightful feeling of invigorated health and strength. it can be used in any room and folds into a small compact space. No other Cabinet is so safe or has so many points of efficiency.

It is easy to find such advertising amusing, but advertising today can be just as grandiose and full of deceit… help-lines and advice bureaux are continually busy with people who have responded to adverts which promise beauty, health and fortune.

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  1. David Lewis

    I have a room full of expensive devises that were supposed to help my back and legs that are gathering dust. When you’re in pain all day, every day your easy prey for there promises. Good luck finding a doctor that knows anything or is honest with you. I’ve added frustration to my list of maladies.Sorry for the rant.

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