Cars… cars… cars…

I’ve been able to drive since i was seventeen, I had my first car when I was twenty, and have driven and loved driving all my life. I’m sure it’s the same for most people, but these days the amount of traffic on the roads is horrific…

I can’t offer any solution, public transport isn’t always convenient – it has just taken my daughter four and a half hours by train to do a journey which would have taken two and a half hours to drive… plus walking from station to home at the end.. In theory I am in support of using public transport, but in practice… well, usually I just get in the car.

However, the amount of traffic, as I said… We took our daughter to Bristol to catch her train and because it has been a very sunny and lovely day, our little seaside town has been full of happy jolly visitors – plus it was also the airshow, which attracts even more people! We left to catch the train very early – but not early enough, and we coincided with the beginning of the rush to leave the town. It took us three-quarters of an hour to  do about four miles (what should have taken eight minutes) … luckily our daughter caught her train. (It was delayed for some reason too, so she arrived home an hour after she should have done so public transport is also not always perfect.

We got home in less than three-quarters of an hour – not speeding, keeping to the limit, but the roads going home were pretty empty. However, once we hit the junction of the road leaving town and the motorway, for the poor folk going in the opposite direction… what a nightmare. The four miles it had taken us on our outward journey was chock-a-block with stationary traffic. The cars were stopped, engines off, drivers, standing in the road. I cannot imagine how long it took them – for all I know they are still there now, poor people.

It was an exceptionable situation I know, thousands upon thousands of people coming to our town and all wanting to leave at the same time… I can’t imagine what could have been done to make it easier – park and ride? Free transport from nearby towns? I have no idea…


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