Where are the walking people?

Although we moved here about sixteen years ago, we’ve been visiting for much longer than that. Ever since we’ve been coming down here we have from time to time seen a couple we call ‘the walking people‘.

There are two of them, a man and a woman, both quite small in stature, quite slim and wearing similar clothes. She has long dark hair (although there may have once been a different woman with him with long brown hair) he has longish wispy hair, once brown now very grey, and he has a beard. In the winter they wear warm anoraks/longish waterproof coats, he in trousers, she usually in a skirt but sometimes trousers, and sturdy shoes (not walking boots). In the summer they wear lighter clothes, usually pale or white, they always wear hats with brims, although sometimes she has hers on the back of her neck. They always have smallish backpacks and sometimes plastic shopping bags.

Although I’ve seen them all over town, and in different areas, I have the feeling they live near here. They are nearly always walking, purposefully, steadily, but not hurrying, walking almost in step with each other, side by side. Quite often he is talking, she listening. Sometimes I’ve seen them in supermarkets, each with a basket, and each pays separately at the tills.

This sounds as if I’m spying on them, I’m not, I just notice them as I drive by. They are out walking at all times of the day, and one night as I came home from somewhere, probably a gig, I noticed them sitting on the bench by the telephone box in the village, just sitting in the dark in the early hours of the morning… it must have been summer because I noticed their light coloured clothes and white hats. I know absolutely nothing about them, apart from seeing them walking.

However, it struck me the other day that I haven’t seen them for ages, in fact I don’t remember when I last saw them, have I even seen them this year?

Have they moved away? Have they stopped walking for some reason? Do they wear different clothes so I no longer notice them?

I’m beginning to feel a little concerned… I hope they’re not ill or unwell…

Where are the walking people?


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