Thomas meets Ruthie

I’m really thrilled that my novel ‘Radwinter’ is now available as a paperback. I’d always wanted to have my books as real books – tree-books not e-books as someone said! It is exciting for me to hold  in my hands, my story of Thomas Radwinter, the first in what unexpectedly became a series! I intend to publish the rest of them in paperbacks too, but at the moment I’m busy writing my next novel – it’s too early to tell you what is about except it involves a family history, a  person with amnesia and a stalker… or maybe more than one stalker!

Yesterday I shared an except from the beginning of Radwinter…

Here is another one! Thomas is visiting one of his three brothers, Paul and is going to meet Paul’s new fiancée:

I received a second hug, bone-crunching and unusually I also got a smacking kiss on my cheek. Paul looked very well; he’s taller than me, and big too, but unlike me he doesn’t look fat. Maybe it’s the clothes he wears, he always looks smart and modern, and fashionable, which considering he’s nearly fifty and a single dad who has to work hard is a lesson to me, when I’m younger and married with no children… children… that’s another story…
Marcus has grey hair, and Paul has gone grey early, and not just the pressure of his work and the family. You can see it in pictures of him in his twenties, that there’s silver running through his dark hair.  I think it is a family thing because John, who’s only forty has a lot of grey in his brown hair …  Paul is very handsome, well, all my brothers are, the handsome gene passed me by somehow…
“Tommy, come and meet Ruthie! I’ve been telling her all about you!” and he pulled me through to the kitchen.
“All about me? Well, that didn’t take long,” and I gave my nervous laugh. I know it’s a nervous laugh; someone at work was recording someone’s leaving speech and in the background was this tittering, which I belated realised was me laughing.
A tall woman rose from sitting at the kitchen table and came to me with her arms out to embrace me. Like Paul, her hair was white, but she was obviously younger than him… she was slim, but not too slim… and she was… well, she was just lovely. My heart gave a little lurch as she hugged me and kissed my cheek on the same place Paul had.
“Thomas, I’ve heard so much about you! How nice to meet you at last!” and she did look as if she meant it.
“Hello, Ruthie, I’m afraid Paul has been remiss, he’s told me nothing about you,” I replied and Paul laughed and clapped me on the shoulder and asked what I was drinking.
“Let’s stay in the kitchen, Paul,” Ruthie said. “I want to keep an eye on that gingerbread.” The kitchen was full of delicious smells, the caramel that I’d smelt in the hall and now the spiciness of ginger and molasses.
“Something smells good,” I said and blushed as I heard the nervous laugh escape.
“You will be my guinea pig,” and Ruthie sat me down and put a plate of millionaire’s shortbread in front of me.

Later, Thomas thinks Ruthie’s gingerbread must have been magic, because having tasted it, his life changed in ways he could never even have dreamt of!! If you want to find out more, then here is a link:

… and a link to the stories which follow:

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