Now that I no longer have a day job I can spend all my time doing things I want to do… which is mainly working. By working I mean writing. We do go out, going to our various groups and clubs,  little adventures setting off with our cameras somewhere and wandering  around taking photos, or going to a local place we have never visited before – a village, some countryside, a gallery, a book shop… However, most of our time is spent working; I write, my husband paints – he is also in a couple of bands so he does go out rehearsing and gigging.

We are always busy (squeezing housework and gardening into our schedule) but we do spend a lot of our time in a sedentary position, focusing on our work, so engrossed that we sometimes barely move, apart from our hands on the keyboard or holding paint brushes.

We are aware of our lack of movement – so I get up every hour or so, or when I’m stuck for the next thing to write, and I go on the Wii Fit, or more recently do a few hundred spins of my hula-hoop (I’m aware this does sound very eccentric!) and my husband will stand up at his easel or go into the garden and do a bit of pruning, weeding or mowing…

I came across the idea of standing desks. I’m sure they have been around for a long time, but it’s only in the last year or so that I have been aware of them. They are so expensive to buy so we thought maybe we could improvise and have a small structure on my present desk and put the computer on it… and keyboard… and mouse… and room for the books/papers/documents I’m working from… The proposed small structure seemed to be developing into a rather larger structure. Also, because I also use the computer for watching programmes, I wouldn’t want to stand up late at night watching some Scandinavian detective drama…

I bought a laptop, a very small one to use when we go on our travels… I can use it in the car, I can use it when we’re staying somewhere else… it will be really helpful (it’s no good me making written notes, I can’t read my own handwriting!) It suddenly occurred to me, that I could put my nice new little laptop on our tallboy in the bedroom and stand up to write! Perfect! I cleared everything aside, set up the laptop, and a lamp, plenty of room for papers, coffee/tea, stuff, and ready to go! Then I had a second inspiration. I have inherited from my daughter one of those circular wobble balance boards, the ones with a ball in the middle and a place for your feet – it looks a bit like a flying saucer… so instead of just standing, I stand on the balance board!

Here is a picture of my new work station:

… and there’s a little picture of me in the mirror!

It’s been set up for about a week now, and I’m really pleased! I have also found I am more focused on my writing, and less distracted by other things… so, all good!


  1. David Lewis

    Don’t forget to reverse rotation of the hula hoop every so often or you may end up walking in circles the rest of your life. Keep it up though and I’ll buy you a grass skirt.

    Liked by 1 person

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