I’ve just bought a new water-bottle, not a plastic one, but one I can fill and refill over and over again… but actually why? Why do we all need to keep drinking all the time? In past times people didn’t. My parents would have a cup (not a mug) of tea first thing, then coffee at breakfast, and that was pretty much the pattern, tea/coffee mid morning, tea mid afternoon, and that was about it. My dad would go out a couple of times a week for a beer, but mum? Maybe she had a milky drink before bedtime, but that would be about it. We children had diluted squash, maybe cocoa before bed, but we weren’t perpetually drinking things. I went to school in the days of school milk – which I hated, and so did many children, but I suppose we were the fortunate ones who didn’t ‘need’ it.

So drinking these days; everyone, just about everyone is perpetually slurping. So many of us have water bottles in our bags, in our pockets, attached to our belts, or just carrying around. My parents would have been astounded and found it hilariously funny that people actually buy water – what is wrong with water from the tap? Nothing! What I find iniquitous, is the people who buy water which has been imported from other countries –  Fiji! I mean Fiji! Fiji is just over ten thousand miles away, 10,000 and we are flying aeroplanes full of water from Fiji to the UK where our tap water is the best in the world, and if you don’t like it there are plenty of varieties of bottled water from every corner of our countries, bottled at source. Good grief! it is iniquitous! It is consumerism gone mad! if you have that money to spend, why not drink water from your tap and give the money to a water aid charity?!

Few of us do the heavy manual labouring jobs which might require us to keep hydrated; ok, so people live in air-conditioned environments which might desiccating, but for most of us we just do our own thing and surely don’t need the gallons of water we are supposed to consume. In hot weather we need to drink more, if we’re poorly we may need to drink more, if we’re being very active, or have some underlying medical condition… but surely we shouldn’t drink more than we need or want  just because it’s what you might call fashionable?

Here is a really interesting article by Dr Chris van Tulleken


PS… so why have I bought a water bottle? Mainly for travelling…


  1. simonjkyte

    I confess to rarely drinking tapwater, initially because I was worried about chlorine and flourine compounds and try to buy uk sparkling water. When I lived in Sardinia, the water came off the roof so I wasn’t drinking that.
    But I also don’t understand this craze for constant drinking. I have a thermos of coffee on the desk though. Mainly I drink wine though…. but not at my desk!

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      1. simonjkyte

        at the moment I am adjusting formulae such as this =IF(FU82=3,SUM(‘STR Europe’!$AX$243:$AX$245),IF(FU82=2,SUM(‘STR Europe’!$AX$243:$AX$244),IF(FU82=1,’STR Europe’!$AX$243,0))) to this … =IF(FV82=3,SUM(‘STR Europe’!$AX$246:$AX$248),IF(FV82=2,SUM(‘STR Europe’!$AX$246:$AX$247),IF(FV82=1,’STR Europe’!$AX$246,0))) absolutely fascinating!


      1. simonjkyte

        yes 100
        and yes
        and if i miscounted or mis-swallowed i had to start again – and I drank out of the tap in those days. Indeed, when I went to boarding school nobody pointed out the risk of drinking from lead piping , so I always did

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  2. David Lewis

    There is a spring near me where people travel miles to get water from it. It taste a lot different from tap water with a slight sulfur smell. The reason that it is so good for you is the trace elements in it like chromium and vanadium that your body needs to combat diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Making everything so squeaky clean compromises our immune systems and puts us at risk. The Israelis get a lot of water from de-salination and they have to add minerals to it to make it drinkable. If you can’t find a good source of spring water I highly recommend Otter ale, at least six glasses a day to keep you hydrated and happy. Cheers!

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    1. Lois

      Cheers!!! In Bath (the city not the thing in the bathroom!) they have similar waters with a sulphury smell and taste – very fashionable in Jane Austen’s time! I prefer Otter!


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