A moment of stillness

Lots of writers carry little notebooks (or big notebooks) and jot down things which occur to them, scenes they notice, thoughts, ideas… They have a whole library of inspiration and ideas… Do I do this? No, no I don’t.

Why I don’t carry a notebook:

  • top of the list comes remembering not only to put it in my bag/pocket, but then to remember I have it – and to have a pen or pencil
  • next on the list  comes the fact that I can’t read my own writing, a scribbled memo is literally that, scribble
  • if I can decipher what I’ve written, can I remember what I meant?
  • if I can read what I’ve written and remember what it means can I still understand what the significance of it was – quite often it isn’t the literal words, it’s the associated thoughts and ideas which went with them when the jotting was made – the actual written words were a shorthand for something else – but what was it?
  • what seems amazingly interesting/brilliant/inspirational may now seem commonplace/dull/trite

Supposing I do remember what I meant in my jotting and it does still seem of relevance, sometimes it isn’t relevant right now, and in the past I have then made a further note somewhere else, so the original thought becomes like the first whisper of a series of Chinese whispers.

I came across a random sentence I had saved from somewhere – or had I made it up? There is no context, no attribution, and I can’t find it anywhere  as a quote from someone else. This is what I found:

It captures a moment of stillness – you expect the deer to bolt out of the picture at any second just leaving their breath in the air.

I have no idea what it means, if it is an imagined picture, an actual picture, a fictional picture in a story… Why did I save it? Did I have an idea attached to it – an idea of what I wanted to write? Did I just like it, and think it was a great quote from someone else or a great thought of my own? I have no idea…

if by some chance you do recognise it,do let me know!!

PS my featured image has no particular relevance or significance


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