No-one would know she was missing…

here is an excerpt from my novel ‘Loving Judah’ which I published as an e-book in 2012. This is the blurb for it: The tragic death of Aislin McManus’s adored step-son Judah is a catastrophe; the fact that his father, Peter, blames Aislin almost breaks her heart.  Her attempts to mend the breach between her and her husband are failing and when Aislin meets someone else who is blamed for the death of his best friend she resolves to do everything she can to reconcile him with his family, even though she puts herself in danger by doing so.

Here is an excerpt…

Aislin’s thoughts were interrupted and she looked up at the sound of her name. A man was crossing the road to her… Pal.

“I have to talk to you, not here, go down the road and round the next corner. I’ll be there in five minutes,” and he turned and walked swiftly in the opposite direction.

What should she do? His feelings towards her were obvious she feared the violence she felt lurked not far beneath his skin. Slowly she walked down the road and rounded the corner. It was a narrow street with high walls on either side. There was a car parked further up and a figure was leaning against it, a red spot glowed where he was smoking.

Nervously Aislin walked along the lane, past the gates of a cemetery, towards the car. The figure stood up straight, waiting for her. It must be Pal but he seemed slighter, not as chunky. There were no street lights and it was impossible to see.

Somebody was behind her but before she could turn something was thrown over her, a blanket, and someone was clasping her tightly. She tried to scream but a hand covered her face, pressing the stinking wool into her mouth and nose so she could hardly breath. Then her legs were swept away from her and she was being carried. She tried to struggle, tried to kick but someone else had grabbed her round the waist and she was beginning to feel faint with lack of air.

She was carried far to the car, dragged into the back and pushed down on the floor, her head stuffed under the front seat. She struggled and squirmed and tried to scream but a foot came down on her ear.

“Shut up or I’ll hurt you!” said a young excited voice, he wasn’t Pal.

The engine turned over and the car turned round.

Oh god, oh god, oh god.

She tried to think of all the things she had ever read about being abducted. It was important to remember every detail, But she could see nothing, she had no idea who any of them were, or exactly how many there were. Three maybe four and one of them must be Pal. He must have looped round somehow and got back to be waiting in the entrance to the cemetery. There were two in the back with her, she could feel their feet. It was a saloon car. The foot was still on the side of her head, painfully pressing her ear so although she could hear voices she could not distinguish what they said or how many there were. The car had turned right out of the lane, back past the hotel and into town. the measured way they drove, the stopping at junctions and lights, indicated that they were going through the town.

They speeded up and music was turned on, loud, young, repetitive music. Aislin lost track of which way they were going, they probably weren’t on a main road, she deduced by the speed and turns and gear changes. She tried to keep calm, tried to stop the tears and mucus seeping into the coarse stinking blanket. It smelt of old cigarettes, wet dog, earth, mould, it was disgusting.

She tried to move, she was so uncomfortable, her clothes twisted about her, her legs cramped. She tried to relax, tried to make a plan. When they stopped she would have a chance to get away, a small chance but probably the only chance. She planned what she would do rather than think about what Pal might have in mind for her. There was no way she could keep track of time, the music was endless, there was no way of estimating the length of each song – they just merged into each other.

Aislin was so frightened, so terrified, it was all she could do not to whimper. Bavol was with Tawno, he wanted to talk he had said. Well, that might take hours, If he came to her room late and she did not answer he would presume she was sleeping. No-one would know she was missing until tomorrow. By then she might be dead… Tossed off a cliff… Left in the middle of the moors to wander… Beaten up, raped… There were four of them… She began to weep.

She had to keep calm, above all she had to keep calm, That would be the only way to get through it. And she had to be ready for any opportunity.

The car slowed down and began to creep along slowly. Were they nearly there? There, where ‘it’ would happen.

© Lois Elsden 2017

If you want to know what happens to Aislin, here is a link:

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