So You Want To Write!!

I have some exciting news… but you may already know it…

I have another blog which I co-write with two friends, the Moving Dragon Writes, and yesterday I made the announcement there that I have published a new book!!!! if you regularly meet me here, you may well have read parts of it when I shared different chapters some time ago. It’s called ‘So You Want To Write‘ and as you can imagine it’s some hints which I hope will be helpful to people just beginning to think about writing creatively.

In my last teaching job I was working with young people aged fifteen and sixteen who, in their last year of statutory education were not in school for various reasons; these students were for the most part totally disengaged – clever, literate, interesting – and yet totally turned off education at the very time it was most important for them to do well. Our tiny team of teachers (three of us and two wonderful LSAs) did all we could to re-engage them so they could pass enough exams to give them post-sixteen opportunities in further education, training or work.

I wrote a series of what ended up as chapters on creative writing, and it’s these which I have polished up (although they did not need much changing) amended and added to, to produce ‘So You Want To Write’. This is not just for children – it’s for anyone!

It’s only short, it’s a handbook really and you can find chapters on:

  • Inspiration
  • Your readers
  • Narrator
  • Introduction, opening or beginning
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Names
  • Plot
  • Language… and Style
  • Research…  and Observation
  • Endings

Here is a link to it…

PS This is self-published, and although I and others have edited and re-edited it and proof read it, sometimes naughty gremlins insert typos, muddle up the punctuation, tweak the grammar – if you find any errors, please do tell me!!

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