What to write today

I write here every day and most of the time I just write, but every so often I admit, I do get stuck and my mind seems empty, all inspiration fled… what I usually do then is look around me and get ideas from the ordinary things I see – ‘oh, the carpet needs hoovering, I know, I’ll write about cleaning carpets and how my granny used to do it’ or I’ll look out the window – ‘that lady has a funny hat… I’ll write about funny hats, that’s an unusual bird – I’ll write about birds, that chimney is smoking, I’ll write about coal fires…’ I also have my pile of old and very old cookery books beside me so there is always inspiration there!

A fellow-blogger sent me a site which has seventy-three suggestions for blogs and topics!! Yes, seventy-three! I looked down the list and there were quite a few which were not appropriate or useful to me, business and commercial ones and suggestions for professional bloggers for example.

However I extracted a dozen which I actually do use:

  1. Listicles – I have never heard an article about lists called ‘listicles’ before, but I guess it works. I admit I do use lists – I might be writing about something, a flower, a type of food, an unusual name, and in my research come across items which I then list – and I confess, I do like a bullet-pointed list!
  2. Reviews – yes, I review things I have read, heard watched, been to
  3. A glance “behind the curtain” – I don’t write what I think the article intends which is to do with big business and successful commercial practices – this is behind my curtain and the way I write and think about writing
  4. Quizzes – occasionally I include a quiz – but frequently I write about the quizzes I attend!
  5. Think out loud posts – yup, that’s me! Every other day I ramble on about something!
  6. Rants – not so often, but occasionally I jump onto my high horse and gallop about a bit
  7. Criticisms and open letters – just recently I wrote a couple of ‘To whom it may concern’ letters about bad drivers!
  8. Share recent travel experiences – yes, I often write about places I have been to – day trips, holidays and longer visits
  9. Auto-biographical post – yes, all the time!
  10. Share recipes – almost every other day!! I love food and everything to do with it, buying, preparing, eating, talking about it, reading about it… everything!
  11. Holidays – yes, as with travel above
  12. Recycle old posts – I confess I do – but I don’t just repost them, I always add something extra, otherwise what is the point?

If you want to look at the whole list, here is a link:


… and if you want to look at what I write and publish, here’s a link to my e-books and my recently published paperbacks, ‘So You Want To Write?’ and ‘Radwinter’:



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