Melon, feta, walnuts

I know I have written about this before, but it deserves a repeat because the salad made from melon, feta, walnuts and three other things was such a success when I served it on Friday to cousins who were staying for the weekend, that we made some more on Saturday, and on Sunday… yes, and on Monday. Oh, and when the quiz team came round fora meal last night, we made it then too!

I first ate this delicious pretty thing when we went to visit a friend, years and years ago. She made this simple salad with watermelon… and I thought, ‘oh dear, I really don’t like watermelon; I like cantaloupe, charentais, honeydew… but watermelon… no  thanks…‘  I didn’t say this to my friend, but sat down to table to enjoy her company and make the best of the salad… and wow! I loved it!! it looked so pretty, red melon, white cheese, brown walnuts, and tasted superb!

I’ve made it many times since, and have added a few things to the basics, the most recent was kalonji (nigella) inspired by a recipe I saw from Maryam. So here is my version:

  • cubes of watermelon (take out seeds if you don’t like them, I think they look pretty and add a nice crunch0
  • cubes of feta cheese
  • walnut halves
  • a small amount of onion – chopped or sliced which ever you prefer (if chopping don’t do it too finely so it becomes minced)
  • olive oil
  • kalonji
  • black ground pepper
  • herbs of your choice – I use basil (in my featured image I see I used salad cress)

Here is a link to Maryam’s recipe :

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