‘Nino’, mignotte, melds, Les Six and an SI derived unit

I wasn’t going to write about the Saturday crossword this week… but it is staring at me smugly… it knows that some of the answers are things I know but can’t remember, and also there are clues which elude and baffle me…

I’m going to persevere with it and not give up just yet, although I am pretty sure that I won’t ‘get’ most of them…

1A – artist nicknamed ‘Nino’ noted for his paintings inspired by literature, mythology and Arthurian legend such as The Lady of Shallott, Ophelia, The Soul of the Rose and Windflowers… W_T_R_O_ _ _

19A – Latin genus name of fragrant flowering plant mignotte; or a pale-green Pantone colour… _ _ _ S_D_

5D – another name for sets or runs of playing cards used to form melds… _ _ R_Q_E_E_N

19D –  name by which the artist who painted the Sistine Madonna is known… _ _ P_A_ _

21D – Member of Les Six who wrote the scores for the 1950’s films The Lavender Hill Mob and Moulin Rouge… C_ _ _C

41D – SI derived unit of electric charge… C_U_O_B

47D – Greek word literally meaning ‘soul’ used to describe the totality of the human mind, consciousness and spirit… _S_C_E

I should know 1 across, but I’m blowed if I can recall it!!

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