Side saddle

Gosh, it seems I’m being constantly reminded of music from my childhood at the moment… today it is the ivory-tinkling Russ Conway, the man with seven and a half fingers and two thumbs, the man who had two number 1 singles, Roulette and Side-Saddle both written by Russ himself.

I didn’t realise Russ Conway was born in Bristol, and I didn’t realise that his real name was something else – though I am not surprised; it seemed the thing to change names to something which seemed more American and more glamorous… I became a little sidetracked by British ‘pop’ stars who changed their names

  • Russ Conway was born Trevor Herbert Stanford
  • Frankie Vaughan was born Frank Ableson
  • Mark Wynter was born Terence Sidney Lewis
  • Tommy Steele was born Thomas Hicks
  • cliff Richard was born Harry Webb
  • Eden Kane was born Richard Sarstedt
  • Vince Taylor was born Brian Maurice Holden
  • Adam Faith was born Terence Nelhams-Wright

Back to Russ Conway; he was born in 1925 and seems to have had a troubled early life and spent three years in Borstal, before joining the Merchant Navy. He served in the war, and it was during this time that he lost part of his finger in an accident. he had learned to play the piano while he was in Borstal, and after leaving the navy, eventually he found fame and probably fortune as a honky-tonk pianist, playing his own music as well as that written by others.

So here is Russ…

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