Dr Kildair and pogo sticks

The great thing about crosswords and quizzes is that they trigger all sorts of quests to find unknown answers, and sometimes to find what the answers actually mean. For example I didn’t know that  the longest inland river in China is the River Tarim, nor did I even know there was a constellation the Square and Rule, otherwise known as Norma. I didn’t know the person who named ‘ecology’, ‘ecology’ was a German scientist called Ernst Haecke and I certainly never gave the inventor of the pogo stick a thought – he was George B. Hansburg who patented it in 1957, which was sixty-six years after a man in Wichita,  another George, George H. Herrington had patented a sort of spring device attached to feet with which you could leap in the air, balancing with a pole. It was also thirty years after a patent had been issued in Germany (I don’t understand how a thing could be patented twice – I thought that was the point of a patent?) to Herr Max Pohlig and Herr Ernst Gottschall who had created a device they called a “spring end hopping stilt”. Pohlig and Gottschall are supposed to have created  the name of the ‘hopping stilt’ Po-Go…

Back to crosswords and puzzles… I didn’t know that Richard Chamberlain sang Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me Tender’…

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