Some friends and I have started another writing group – what another one?! Yes, another one!! This one is a little different from the other ones I am involved in… The ones I lead are for two hours; the first fifty  minutes we talk about a topic or aspect of writing, having a good old discussion, usually with some prompt materials. Then I set a task for our next meeting, and then we have coffee or tea and biscuits or buns. After our refreshments we read our work to each other – something I ‘set’ the previous meeting, but it’s not strict so if someone wants to write something completely different that is fine! In the other group I am in, we just read our stories and then the others comment on them.

In the new group we are trying lots of different things; there is no ‘leader’ it is more collaborative. We have only had a couple of meetings so it is very early days; the first meeting was just discussing the sort of things we would like to do, and the sort of different writing projects we each have. I unfortunately missed the next meeting but again it was successful and little writing exercises were suggested – including writing a complete story, beginning middle and end in fifty words.

An activity apart from the meetings where we all get together, are ‘write-ins’; we meet somewhere, preferably someone’s house and just sit and write… that’s it!! It was the first get together today, and three writers came to our house; we had a brief hello, cup of tea/coffee, quick news flash (Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival) and then down to work. We worked solidly for fifty minutes and then took a break. More refreshments and a quick catch-up on what we were doing today, poems, poem/memoir/reflection, novel, and I was working on my next Radwinter story. We didn’t allow ourselves to get too distracted and quickly settled back down to work. We had planned for the ‘write-in’ to last two hours, but credit to us, we over-ran by half an hour!

We all felt jolly pleased with ourselves, and we all felt we had really made progress on our different projects. I’m looking forward to the next time! We haven’t set a date, we can do it as often or less often as we like. I can imagine there might be a time when one of the group has hit a bit of a wall and has a shout-out for an impromptu write-in to get them over the hump! The great thing is it can be two of us, or all nine of us, there is no limit!

So… here’s to the next time!!

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