Terribly sorry but something has come up…

I’m about three-quarters of the way through the first go at my next Radwinter novel, which may be called ‘Saltpans‘, or may not…  Thomas Radwinter is on his way to see a client, but en route he is calling in on someone else, Fergs. Fergs has a stalker and Thomas is trying to find out who it is.

I confess as I was tootling off to meet my client, a little early now as I’d walked particularly briskly,  I hardly had any thoughts in my head as I turned into the gate of the place where Fergs lived. It was one of those buildings which was like a large semi-detached house but in actual fact was four flats.
There didn’t seem to be a bell… there was a square of plastic with two wires hanging out as if it had been a bell, but no actual place where I could ring anything. Slightly stumped I pushed at the door and it opened into a small hallway with a door on my left and a staircase in front of me. There was a note above the bell of the door telling me a Mrs O’Mahony lived there.
I glanced at my phone, I had ten minutes so a few minutes chat to Fergs then off up the road to my client’s house…
I was a bit out on the timings… I bounded up the stairs and Fergs’ door was ajar. I knocked and called out, but there was no response. I pushed the door open wider and I should have guessed…
“Fergs! It’s Thomas! I just need a couple of minutes and…”
I’d crossed the small hall, bedroom straight in front of me, the covers thrown back on the unmade bed and turned to the left, past a closed door. The kitchen was to the left and the sitting room on the right…
The stench was overpowering… Fergs hadn’t been in work on Monday, Tuesday or yesterday… he was slumped back in an armchair, his legs splayed out, his head forward resting on his chest, on his bloodstained chest… it was as if he had been standing up when he was attacked and staggered back, collapsing into the chair, and slumping to die there…
I had only seen one dead body before, a drowned woman on a beach… I glanced around… I think actually I was in shock because it wasn’t rational to just stand there and look around… It was a plain sort of a room with wonderful pictures and paintings on the walls. There were book cases full of books, a large TV. Nothing was disturbed or messed up, nothing seemed broken. There was a coffee table and there was a wallet on it, and a watch and mobile… Fergs had been murdered…
Fuck!!!!! I spun round and dashed from the room, my stomach heaving, by chest gripped by an imminent asthma attack, but all I thought was I had to get out and I mustn’t be sick…
I made it outside and virtually collapsed on the low wall round the small front neat garden… I rang the police, 999 and then I rang my client… terribly sorry but something has come up, I’ll have to ring to make another appointment, terribly sorry…
Yes… Fergs was dead…

© Lois Elsden 2017

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