Anthology – Corns Hogrims, The Golden Spike and The Umbrella Factory Museum…

Two friends and I have another blog here on WordPress; as well as sharing our work there we often meet together and discuss writing and promoting our work. I write mainly fiction, one friend writes fiction, poetry and factual pieces, the other is mainly a poet. We are looking forward to producing our first anthology, a mixture of our pieces.

It has been hard work and meant many meetings to pull it together; we each chose our favourite pieces of writing, and by a weird chance, we each submitted a similar number of words! Obviously, the poet has more actual pieces than us other tow as his poems are shorter than my stories.  It has taken us ages to categorise and arrange them – should they just be in alphabetical and therefore random order? Should each of us have a section? Should we try and categorise them into ‘chapters’ or sections? Should we add notes at the end… gosh… it’s been tough and a lot of tea has been drunk!

I will bring you more detailed news nearer publication date… in the meantime I will tease or tempt or intrigue with the titles of our pieces:

  • Aspire To Build
  • Attack Of Corns Hogrims
  • Autumn
  • Call-Up
  • Civil War
  • Defeat
  • Distance
  • Doddler
  • Fnurl
  • Galileo
  • Ghost Word
  • Gus
  • Hamaszab
  • Henge
  • Laughing Heaven
  • Louis And Lois
  • Mars Rising
  • Natural Worlds
  • Rainbow
  • Red Herrings
  • Report From Terra
  • Saying Goodbye To Ouray
  • Sea Storm
  • Seven Ages Of Man
  • Sheba
  • Shine
  • Spade And Thermos
  • St Edith
  • The Curator Of The Umbrella Factory Museum
  • The Quest For The Golden Spike
  • The Shepherd Boy’s Grave
  • The Wind Is My Enemy, The Wind Is My Friend
  • Tolpuddle
  • War Wounds

You will find poems and polemics, stories, geology and history, humour, mystery and dystopian fantasy… it will be a real mixed bunch!

Here is a link to our blog:

…and here is a link to my own books:

..and my fellow writer Richard Kefford’s book:

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