It’s all in the cards

As well as writing my present novel, I seem to have lots of other ideas buzzing around… in fact I’m finding it hard to settle to one thing! Maybe it’s because we are in a bit of a turmoil at home with rearranging the house for various reasons, and trying to fit a gallon into a pint pot, but I’m struggling to focus on my writing – doing lots of it but not in a focused way. I guess when life calms down. so will writing!

One of my ideas which I brushed on a couple of days ago  was with a fortune-telling thread – a little like runes, a little like tarot, a little like horoscopes, but with something I had made up – so therefore would have authorial control over!! I had come across a list of twenty-six things which I had seen as a pattern somewhere, a tusked creature, a concentric squirl, a fork… and I imagined someone telling fortunes – or being guided by them on a daily basis.

So that was one idea… but then as I was doing that, someone was sharing images on Instagram from a set of cards and a written guide-book on ‘spirit animals’ and using the set as an oracle. There are forty-four oracle cards in this set (I know because I have actually purchased them) and there are different ways of using them – drawing a card each day, or taking three cards  and ‘reading’ them as past today and future, or using them as a guide to a problem or a relationship… or whatever…

I could imagine as a writer, taking a card each day and writing to that card – or rune – or one of my list of twenty-six, and having a continual story-line, but the narrative is guided by the random selection of card/rune/object… Supposing I used this for the National Novel Writing Month challenge? I don’t mean that the subject or characters would be mystical or magical, they would be ordinary people in changing situations… would that work? Could that work?

So… just to practice…

  • the card I randomly picked – a rattlesnake… the experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer…

well… that does take some thinking about! I will write to that and share (in the accompanying book there is a little explanation of that!

  • the rune I randomly took – is ingwaz the rune of harmony
  • the item on my list – the seated man

So should I combine these three? Write about each separately? Do something completely different in a creative way? I will let you know…

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