A pool in a park

This is something I wrote several years ago…

I came across this photo I took a long time ago, maybe ten years ago. It shoes a pool in a park and floating on the surface is a scum of duckweed. You can just make out pale orange blobs of goldfish swimming around, but you can also see the reflection of clouds, sky, and bare trees – autumn trees, winter trees or spring trees, I don’t know, I can’t remember when I took the photo.

I’m playing around with a story at the moment, one I wrote some time ago, and in it there is a mystery. There is what is obviously true… a bit like the actual pool and the actual water. Then there is the duckweed, or is it pondweed? It could be algae or it could be something called watermeal or something called wavytail weed… Then in the story there are things happening beneath the surface, like the goldfish and koi carp, you know they are there but you can’t make them out very clearly and don’t know what size they are or how many of them are swimming around. Then there are the different aspects of the story which are viewed from different perspectives or from characters reporting what they have seen/done/said… rather like the oak trees and sky and clouds you can see.

But this picture isn’t real… it’s a photo of a real thing… but that real thing isn’t there any more in the way it is there in the picture; the fish will have got bigger or may have died – eaten by herons maybe, the trees have changed shape, some have lost branches because they have fallen off in gales or been cut of by park workers, or maybe the trees have been cut down. Those clouds have gone… they are ephemeral and can only be captured in paint or in photographs.

But this isn’t a photo, it’s an image I have copied and put onto this page, but this isn’t an actual page like a paper page in a book…

Maybe I didn’t even take this picture, maybe it is some random image I’ve found on Google images… maybe I’m making it all up about the pond and the park…

Actually I did take this photo, I took it on November 4th at 15:21 in Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare… but there is no such thing as wavytail weed, the trees are sycamore not oak and there are no koi carp in the pond and have never been.


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