Lost and forgotten, now found

Last night I was looking though the different posts I have written here over the five or so years I have been writing, and I came across something I had completely forgotten I had written.  I had so completely forgotten it, that I felt as if i was reading something written by someone else!  I found it interesting… and because it was such a long time since I had originally published it, that I shared it again, and if you missed it, here is a link:


The idea in this piece was that we see things vividly but we don’t always see what is going on beneath the surface –  in actual things such as the weedy pond in my little story, but in many other aspects of life.

As a writer I am doing this all the time – I am presenting scenes and characters, but hiding certain aspects which I later reveal which may inform or explain more about the characters or their actions. Sometimes it is done for dramatic effect, sometimes because that’s the way life is!

In the present story I am writing, there is the main action on the surface; Thomas and his wife and their five children lead a very busy life, as you can imagine. On the surface all is well, and from the outside – from the point of view of other characters in the fiction, and my readers in reality, although busy, they are all successful and happy. As the writer, I can let the reader peep beneath the surface; one of the children, a niece now adopted, had a very troubled past – she seems a happy and  confident child but she has nightmares and disturbed sleep. Thomas himself, exuberant, confident, cheerful, ‘bumptious’ his wife calls him, is still haunted by his own childhood and full of fear that his present happiness might be snatched away. He is secretly anxious most of the time, about his family, about their finances, about aspects of his work, about whether his beautiful wife will become fed up with him…

As I mentioned, I had completely forgotten I had written the story about the pool, covered with duckweed, wavytail weed and watermeal, but here it is, here on my blog; Thomas may have forgotten about his past, but it still lurks within!

here is a link to my paperbacks and e-books:


… and to my Thomas stories:

PS duckweed and watermeal can be found on ponds and rivers… I made up wavytail!

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