I once saw Bob Dylan

I have to say up front, I’m not a big fan of Bob Dylan. I quite like some of his songs, but not necessarily sung by him, however I do realise that he is a giant of twentieth century music and very influential. I do know he wrote some great songs, and a wide variety of different music, and that he was awarded the Nobel prize for literature – even though that was somewhat controversial! However, I don’t have, and never have had any music or albums by him, although my husband does play ‘The Travelling Wilburys’ a lot!

I guess I grew up with Dylan, but he wasn’t part of my life like the Beatles and other British bands were… and then later the Beach Boys and then when I moved to Manchester it was soul and r&b. However when I went to the USA to see my best friend who had moved there, she took me to a concert which was held in a vineyard, to see the great man himself. It was a huge vineyard in a sort of natural amphitheatre. We weren’t down at ground level near the stage, but up on the hill looking down across the grapevines (or so I remember!) The stage seemed miles away, but we didn’t care, good company, a lovely evening, our own drinks smuggled in lemonade bottles, a picnic… we had a fabulous time.

The concert started with the support act. A small person I had never heard of came on and started singing, and her voice filled the arena and everyone was quiet – wow! How she could sing! She was just amazing! She would only have been in her mid-twenties, but such presence, such a voice, such tremendous songs which stayed with me…

Well, that got things off to a great start! After an intermission, the man himself came on… he was teeny-weeny, he was minute, and he mumbled and groaned his way through his set… to rapturous applause and appreciation from the audience I have to say… Maybe it was the Washington State wine I had been drinking, maybe it was because I’m not a great fan, maybe because the support act had been so stunning,…  I don’t really remember his actual performance, and can’t really remember it making much impact. I guess I was in awe that I was seeing this legend, I was loving being with my friend, it was a beautiful, magical night… but Bob Dylan?

A beautiful, magical night… I’ve never forgotten it, as you can tell! And who was the support act…



      1. Rosie Scribblah

        I went to the funeral of a dear colleague a few years ago and he’d arranged it with his daughter. It was beautiful, an hour of lovely tributes from his friends and in between each, a Bob Dylan song. Oh Bob droned on and on…..

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