Lots of words, lots and lots of words

So far I am keeping up with my aim to complete the 50,000 word challenge for the month of November. I abandoned any plans I had and started something new, and because at the moment I have literally no idea where the story is going, I am finding the only way to get it done is literally meet the target of 1667 words a day – not exactly limping along, but not flying either.

Each year I have taken the challenge the writing has happened in a different way; the first year, 2013, the words poured out of me and I wrote 20,000 beyond the challenge! In fact I wrote my words by November 19th! Other years I struggled to make the deadline, with one heroic effort of over 11,000 words on the last day!

Here are some stats on my previous four years:

 Radwinter – 2013

  • Your Average Per Day – 2,434
  • Total Words Written – 73,026

Raddy and Syl – 2014

  • Your Average Per Day – 1,669
  • Total Words Written – 50,092

Earthquake – 2015

  • Your Average Per Day – 1,767
  • Total Words Written – 53,030

And the River – 2016

  • Your Average Per Day – 1,709
  • Total Words Written – 51,28

Mille – 2017

  • Your Average Per Day – 2,057
  • Total Words Written – 10287

About the books:

  • November 2017: Milla – mainstream – A woman with no history moves to a tiny bedsit in the seaside town of Easthope
  • November 2016: And the River – mainstream – This is a meander, not sure where it is going or what will be seen, from it or in it… This began as a story of my life and that of my family, told through the rivers I have been connected with… as with real rivers, it went its own way and covered a lot of ground… and it hasn’t yet reached its end!
  • November 2015: Earthquake – mystery – a stalker stalked… maybe…
  • November 2014:  Raddy And Syl – genealogical mystery – Thomas has traced his paternal ancestors to 1830’s war-torn Europe; he has followed his maternal line and found murder and betrayal. Now he needs to look closer to home, to discover the truth about the people who brought him up, Edward and Sylvia Radwinter, Raddy and Syl, in order to find out who he really is.
  • November 2013:  Radwinter – genealogical mystery

And just some extra stats:

  • lifetime word count 237,717
  • wordiest novel Radwinter, 2013, 73,026 words
  • wordiest day 11,588 words on November 30, 2014
  • average writing pace 1,886 words per day
  • longest NaNo streak 5 years, 2013 – 2017

Three out of my previous four attempts have become books – yo can read them, and my other e-books and paperbacks here:




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