Murder comes to an idyllic country town

I don’t watch much TV and what i do watch is not very challenging… I’m quite happy with some middle of the road stuff, although I also watch Scandi-noir, buy the box sets and rewatch frequently!

So with my middle of the road occasional viewing habits, I’m please that the next series of Brokenwood is being shown in the UK. Four series of this New Zealand crime drama have been made, and we are no up to season 3.

Series one was first shown in 2014; it’s set in the fictional town of Brokenwood and stars Neill Rea as Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Shepherd who is the main character.  Fern Sutherland is his second, Kristin Sims,  and Nic Sampson takes the part of Detective Constable Sam Breen. As with most of these types of drama, there has to be an eccentric forensic examiner, and she is played by  and Cristina Ionda . Another stock character is a civilian friend of the detective team, in this case he is  Jared Morehu,  a Maori and the actor is  Pana Hema Taylor.

I tend to watch it when I’ve finished my writing, late at night before I go to bed… it’s intriguing, silly sometimes, and with amusing touched, but I always enjoy it!

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