Reasons for writing

I mentioned recently that I saw a social media page with the question ‘Why do you write?’; it’s a really interesting question, and for me there are many answers but I was fascinated to see what others commented. As you might guess, plenty of people did it because they enjoyed it, loved it, were obsessed by it even; however, there were other answers too… I guess I am a bit nerdy because I picked a random selection of about ninety answers and had a look at them more closely. I grouped them together as they seemed to fall very neatly into different types of answer.

Here is another selection which have a lot in common with each other:

  • To soothe my soul… And give myself a reason to stare into oblivion
  • I write to clear my head, otherwise I obsess over it all day
  • Because the silent battles need to be seen
  • If something makes me sad in real life, then I write down the same situation in my books. Sometimes it helps- it’s like a therapy
  • My characters always give me the feeling that I’m not alone with my sadness (even if I have to kill some of them later)
  • “If you are brave enough to write about your pain you can begin to heal and enrich your reader’s world”
  • Because writing is my art therapy
  • I write because it’s the best way that I can express how I feel. It’s like therapy. I write because I have to; it’s a part of me
  • I write because the page doesn’t judge what I have to say
  • Writing is the triumph of hope over self-doubt

I felt great empathy for the people who expressed these thoughts; however, it was good to see that writing is helpful to them, and maybe assists them in their progression out of whatever their troubles or heartaches are.

My reasons for writing – well, I love writing, using words, creating things through language, I have stories in my head which I like to write down to fix them and form them into something complete, I am intrigued by characters and observed interaction between strangers and fill in their history and back story – and map out their futures… I am a little obsessed by writing, I have to confess it’s something I love and feel almost compelled to do whenever I can…

… and if you want to read what I have written, here is a link to my ebooks and paperbacks


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