Spoke too soon… eating my words…

I wrote quite a long post yesterday about a TV series which I’d watched and enjoyed somewhat, but was irritated by the unbelievable things which happened in it. It’s a Belgian police procedural and I know with all such shows it’s all a fiction, and in real police departments there would never be officers like this, or procedures carried out like that, or crimes of such intricacy and brutality… but in quality shows the audience is carried along and the ridiculousness of it all doesn’t strike the viewer – or if it does we’re too busy being gripped by the action, story-line, acting, subtle effects…

The TV series I was criticising was Professor T starring Koen De Bouw, as the eponymous prof, Ella Leyers as the police inspector, Herwig Ilegems as he chief inspector and Bart Hollanders  as her professional and personal partner. I did temper my criticism with praise for the actors and for the subtle on-going slow burn narrative threads, and I acknowledged that maybe there’s a cultural appreciation which I don’t have as I’m not Belgian, and that summer of the quirky humour might just be a matter of taste…  My main criticism was that there were things which were truly unbelievable as I mentioned above.

However… however, I do truly have to eat my words and take back some of what I said, because the last episode of the series, and the second of a two-part story, was just superb. I won’t give away anything that happened or spoil it if you are a fan, or have been watching it or think you might want to watch it… but it was as if this last episode was written by a different team.

The acting continued to be excellent… and even a couple of actors who I hadn’t thought were as good as the others, shone with their delicacy of touch. A couple of very minor characters were brought in, and although they didn’t have to say or do very much they really added to the whole and made scenes believable. I won’t say realistic, because it wasn’t, but that didn’t matter because the viewer was caught up in what was happening. The quirks instead of being humorous now had a purpose and were an important part of what happened to one of the characters. There was a life and death situation which was not mawkish, sentimental, or artificially tear-jerking, but really effective and involving… subtle, subtle, subtle…

Sorry Professor T that I was so critical – I still stand by a lot of things I wrote, but this last episode was brilliant!


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