More from the dragons –

It’s a couple of months since two friends and I published an anthology of prose, poetry and other writing.It’s called The Moving Dragons Write and it’s available on Amazon.

Here is the introduction:

For a couple of years, the three of us,  Lois, John and Richard, have successfully shared our thoughts with the world through our blog; The Moving Dragon Writes is a medley of stories, poems and articles, a whole kaleidoscope of different writing. Our name came from the symbol of the county where we live, the Somerset dragon, and the well-known words ‘the moving finger having writ…’
Since we started The Moving Dragon Writes, we have collected readers and followers from around the world – especially from North America, and we have opened our blog to others. We have supported and encouraged new writers of all genres, promoting and sharing their work too, giving a platform for many people who have never had the confidence or opportunity to do so before. We continue to do this and welcome new writers.
As well as the blog, we have pursued our own writing goals, individually publishing our novels, short stories and poetry. It was at one of our dragonmeets, on a spring afternoon, when it occurred to us… we could publish an anthology together, “our own Dragon Writes book which can include some of the best of our work from the blog!” This anthology is, we hope, only the first, and we are tentatively planning volume II – Earth, Fire, Water.

… and here are our biographies:

Richard – I joined the Royal Navy from school, following this with an engineering career in industry. I studied geology and creative writing with the Open University from 2008 until I graduated with a BSc in July 2014. I found my writing voice during my time with the OU. There was a pause in the Earth Science courses so I filled it with two short writing courses. I was hooked and now find that I have to write, every day and anything. The odd day that I don’t write, I spend thinking about writing, usually out on the hills. I live in Somerset, where I enjoy writing, hill walking, researching and writing about geology and practical geology, trying to understand the geological history of the local area.

Lois – I have written all my life but it was only when I was able to give up the day job of teaching that I was able to write full-time. Writing is my passion; I write every day, I write from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. When I am not writing, I am still thinking about it and following my stories in my head. I live in a small village by the sea in Somerset, and when I’m not writing I like relaxing in my local, watching the world go by, and going to live music events.

John – I was born and bred in Somerset and had a fairly extrovert life working in insurance; it was only on retirement that I started to write poetry. It then seemed to me that here, as in other arts of our age, uncertainty and complication, rather than classical spontaneity was now the norm. My aspirations in writing certainly veer towards the latter, which, I believe, still has a large following. I hope you will find my work enjoyable, or at least easily understood.

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