The stars are glittering in the frosty sky

From last year… beautiful…

I had never come across Charles Heavysege, the Yorkshire born Canadian poet and dramatist until recently. He was born in Huddersfield, I town I know quite well, in 1816. He and his family emigrated to Canada in the 1850’s and eventually worked as a reporter and then editor. here is his sonnet about the sort of winter night we haven’t had many of, haven’t had enough of of these last few months!

Winter Skies

The stars are glittering in the frosty sky,
Numerous as pebbles on a broad sea-coast;
And o’er the vault the cloud-like galaxy
Has marshalled its innumerable host.
Alive all heaven seems! with wondrous glow
Tenfold refulgent every star appears,
As if some wide, celestial gale did blow,
And thrice illume the ever-kindled spheres.
Orbs, with glad orbs rejoicing, burning, beam
Ray-crowned, with lambent lustre in their zones,
Till o’er the blue, bespangled spaces seem
Angels and great archangels on their thrones;
A host divine, whose eyes are sparkling gems,
And forms more bright than diamond diadems.

 Charles Heavysege  1816 – 1876


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