Just mentioning to a friend..

Just mentioning to a friend.. that I saw the Swinging Blue Jeans in Cambridge many, many years ago in support to Gene Pitney. The group had begun in 1957 as a skiffle group called the Bluegenes. They were a sextet which included a banjo, a washboard and an oil drum bass player, the amazingly named  Spud Ward.  They became a four-piece in the 60’s , part of the Merseybeat and were best known for the “Hippy Hippy Shake”, “Good Golly Miss Molly”, and “You’re No Good” all released in 1964.

So many memories!!!


  1. David Lewis

    The only big name British band that came to our town was the Dave Clark Five. I couldn’t get a ticket so just hung out trying to get a glimpse of them. The only big show I got to see was Chubby Checker. You had to go under the limbo pole to get in but if you couldn’t make it they would raise the pole LOL. Great memories. I had a Beatle haircut and my mother made me two Nehru jackets. A hot set of wheels and some jingle in my jeans. I was living the dream.If you knows what I mean.

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  2. David Lewis

    Got my motor humming. Heading down the highway.Looking for adventure. In whatever comes my way.First taste of pizza. First goodnight kiss. Guess you’d have to have been there. You’ll never know what you’ve missed. Tomorrow was a magical word.Tomorrow belonged to me.

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