Making a vlog…

Before you read any further… I have never made a vlog, nor a podcast, not even for my own amusement… However, this is a challenge I want to attempt although i don’t know if I will share the results, I may only tell you about them!

A vlog, just in case you don’t know is a video blog… and whenever I hear the word I always think of a funny moment (yes there were some) in The Bridge/Bron/Broen where Saga Norén’s boss doesn’t know the difference between a blogger and a blogger and Saga tells her… There maybe a clip of it somewhere…

So my vlog… I have given talks and lessons often enough to be able to stand up and spiel on about things, with or without notes, prepared or unprepared (some of my best lessons were what I call ‘doorknob’ lessons, where I had a sudden new inspiration about what I was going to teach, as I pushed open the door of the classroom) So I am used to speaking about a variety of different things on or off the hoof.

What I have never done, and have no experience of, is being filmed teaching or speaking, or ‘performing’ without an audience.  With modern technology, people are growing up knowing how to behave, look, speak, perform in front of the camera – they have a camera in their hand all the time, and chatting to friends miles away, even round the other side of the world is a norm. For us dinosaurs that just isn’t the case.

Last year we were with a group of friends who had been at college together in the 60’s; they were artists and a film had been made about them. Once we had all got over laughing at their clothes and hair it was really interesting, but it struck me how stiff and ill at ease these 60’s twenty somethings looked compared to people the same age on film now. Now everyone knows how to look at the camera so you don’t look cross-eyed or spaced out, and how not to grin nervously or not smile at all, speak naturally and not as if you have several dry pebbles in your mouth… how to perform!

I have a feeling that in my vlog I will be like our friends in the 60’s were in their film, stiff and unnatural, or gushing and hysterical… and what to wear… how to sit… where to look… Luckily I have two technical advisers (i.e. my children) I will have a practise – and share the experience, and maybe the vlog!

Meanwhile, if you want to hear my words and stories in your head by reading them, here is a link:



  1. David Lewis

    Hurry up and show us your vblog. Just be yourself and smile a lot and mention your new aspiring poet friend Dave Lewis a few times. We’ll go viral together. This will be the start of something great for us. It’s you and me kid. Yaaahooo.

    Liked by 1 person

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