Advent calendars… and a writing advent calendar suggestion!

Every year my children and husband have advent calendars – they have very little to do with advent, they are a count down to Christmas with a chocolate for every day until Christmas Eve. These twenty-four days aren’t actually the Christian time of advent which usually starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Secular advent calendars seem to feature anything these days, with very little reference to the time of year, and all to do with the chocolate or other goodies which are found behind a little door. When I was a child we had very simple calendars. They showed a typical Christmas theme – maybe the baby in the cradle with Mary and Joseph, or maybe the shepherds and the angel and the brightly lit stable in the background, or the three wise men on their travels.. The little cardboard doors opened to reveal a Christmas picture, a star, a candy cane, a Christmas tree, bells, holly… that sort of thing. The calendars had sparkle on them, and after Christmas they were put away with the decorations and we would have them out again the next year, having forgotten what the little pictures behind the doors were – or not caring because it was ‘traditional!

A clever friend of mine has done an advent calendar on Facebook and every day she posts a little video of seasonal music and songs, all done by herself! If I had thought, I could have done a writing calendar – twenty-four suggestions of what to write in the days leading up to the big celebration!

Is it too late? Can I start with only two days to go? Maybe I can!

                         Christmas cracker!

So day 12 of my writing advent calendar and here is a suggestion of something to write…

  • use the title or the photo as inspiration.
  • what was written on the motto in the cracker which has just been pulled – tell the story behind it!
  • who are these people, where are they? Tell their story.


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