3 T’s and B

We went to the Dolphin tonight in the hope of seeing our friend Terry. It’s his birthday today and e hoped to buy him a pint of Otter or a pink gin, whichever of his favourites appealed. We arrived and sat with the two T’s, Trev and Tim, and after a little while Terry arrived. We sang happy birthday and bought him a beer. He had had a lovely day, a party with his children and grandchildren, a lunch (at the Dolphin) and now he had wandered down in the hope of seeing friends.

Tomorrow it’s my husband Bari’s birthday, he’s a year older than Terry. … and the two T’s, well, Trev’s birthday is on Wednesday, Tim’s is next Saturday – according to astrology, my husband, Terry and Tim are Sagittarius, Trev is Capricorn (like me!)

This got me thinking… these four men are all great friends and have been for a number of years, mostly in the pub but also Terry and Bari were in a band together, Trev is an adopted grandfather for our children, Tim has been a good friend for any, many years… and yet… Imagine they were at school.  Imagine Tim was five, Terry was ten, Bari was eleven and Trev was twenty-sixt… would they have been friends? Well maybe Tim and Bari would have been. Move on ten years, Tim fifteen, Terry twenty and Bari twenty-one, Trev thirty-six – they would have had nothing in common, nothing at all.

Now, now they are all friends, and chat and talk about all sorts of things – the years have vanished!! Happy birthday Terry, happy birthday for tomorrow Bari, and good wishes fr next eek, Tim and Trev!


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