More Christmas music and books

It might be getting a bit close for deliveries – but you could always give late arriving gifts as new year presents, or you could give them on Armenian or Orthodox Christmas, January 6th, which is also the Epiphany – or save them for birthdays or anniversaries!

Music first – I shared a video of my friend the very talented Marianne McAleer yesterday – and I asked her if she has any of her albums available… This is her reply:

I found another two boxes of them in the attic yesterday! The Sweet Nightingale” (2002) is available from me at:

– they can get in touch and I’ll post it for £10 including postage. Charmed” is available from record shops in Westport and Castlebar in County Mayo, or people can email me as above – same price. Both CDs, including postage, arr available for £18. A veritable bargain!!

I shared ‘Craigie Hill’ yesterday, here’s something else to whet your appetites:

If your friends are readers, then I recommend any of the books by my friend Richard Kefford
  • ‘Entertainment on the Train: 25 Stories for you to read while travelling‘ – A collection of thought-provoking and interesting stories
  • ‘Distance and Other Poems’
  • ‘Namaste: A diary of a trek in the Himalaya’ – A man and his two sons set out on a journey of a lifetime together. They decided to do what was necessary to trek to a high point in Nepal so that they could experience sunrise over Everest.
  • ‘Science Fiction and a little Steam Punk: An anthology’- A collection of 33 stories mainly Science Fiction, with a little Steam Punk. There are a littler different from what you might expect from main stream SF and SP…

… and here is the link:

… and if you think your friends would like something I have written, have a look at my page:


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