Quiz night

Quiz night tonight and our regular team was  lacking the Ice-creams, our team-mates who have one o the best Ice-cream parlours in the country weren’t with us, my son and his team were elsewhere so it was just daughter and me who wandered down to the Dolphin at about a quarter to nine.

The pub was really full – lots of people for the last quiz of the year, and no doubt lots of people had taken advantage of the delicious meals on offer and had dined at the Dolph. We know most of the other ‘teams’ – I use inverted commas because the whole concept of teams is rather loose and flexible, not rigid at all. So in their usual places was Tim and his chums, the chap we think should be called Michael but is in fact called Scott was sitting round the corner at the other bar, strangers were sitting in our usual places, and at the bar where Taz, Nick and Tony usually sit were two other people. Taz & Co. were sitting in the far corner and daughter and I sat beside them.

There are two rounds, and because of the season there were loads of Christmas questions, but to be honest, they were so obscure, even collaborating with Taz & Co we struggled… This is the great hign about the quiz – obviously we want to win, but mire important is to have a good time. We did have a very good time – we compared notes with Taz, Nick and Tony, we chatted and gossiped and didn’t win anything!

This is the whole point of the quiz – to get to know other people and to have a good time – o and to enjoy a few beverages!!


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