You’ll never guess what I do as I write!!

To be fair, I have only just stated doing it, so the title of this is a bit unfair. I haven’t exactly got the hang of it so my typing is rather erratic as I try and concentrate on what I’m writing at the same time. The same time as what, you are probably wondering.

Because I do so much writing I obviously do a lot of sitting. I set up a standing work station in our bedroom but since both our children and all their stuff have moved home, space is of a premium and at the moment my standing work station has vanished under boxes and bags. Ditto the area I used to exercise the Wii – it too is no more for the time being.

Some of you might be wondering why I don’t exercise in another way, go to the gym the pool maybe, go for walks, take up some sport, buy a bike, join an exercise class… yes, all good ideas but the problem would be my commitment…  I know I might start quite enthusiastically but then for one reason or another I wouldn’t go as regularly as I should, and then I wouldn’t go regularly at all, then I wouldn’t go at all.

Of the things I  have mentioned in the previous paragraph…

  • go to the gym – we did join a gym; maybe it wasn’t the right sort of gym – I got no satisfaction from going, I didn’t enjoy it, both of which led to a lack of enthusiasm… and you’ve probably guessed… we gave up. We did persevere, having paid for membership we did give it a good go, but it was always crowded – whatever time we went, there were TVs blaring out and different music from speakers, the pool was always busy as half of it was always coned off for swimercise and other classes… so we gave up going… And also it was so expensive
  • while I was still at work, I had a bike and cycled everyday. The traffic was frightening, the on-shore wind daunting, I didn’t enjoy getting wet, I never got the satisfaction I’d hoped for and I didn’t feel fitter (although I guess I probably was) Maybe if I’d started cycling to work in the summer I would have enjoyed it more – but the narrow roads and the amount of traffic made me nervous
  • go for walks – we have tried this at various times, but it’s just not something I particularly enjoy. We have walked the routes round here so often they don’t give us a great incentive; I enjoy walking round cities, but that’s an amble, a wander, a lot of stopping and looking at things… but a walk of several miles for the sake of walking…
  • take up a sport… I was sporty when I was young, swimming was my life and there were land sports at school too. When I was in my twenties and thirties I played squash a couple of times a week but was just terrible at it; friends were kind and would play with me but I never improved although I tried so hard. I did enjoy it, but after years of being hopeless I lost my interest… you can only take so much being useless! Now I can’t think of any sport I could start at my age, or would enjoy. Yes, I could play bowls, but I would hate it. I didn’t enjoy tennis when I played at school and my uselessness with a racket and ball is proven, and I don’t like tennis anyway, so that’s a no…
  • maybe I should start an exercise class… but my heart sinks at the thought. I have no sense of rhythm so anything like dancersize or zumba is out, keep fit… maybe, yoga and pilates, yes maybe… If only there was a tai chi class round here, I would be there like a shot!!

As you can see from my luke-warm responses to my own ideas I really do lack motivation and commitment. Which is why the Wii was so good. I was motivated, I was committed – I could do it for just five minutes or for an hour, so I can’t wait for things to be organised so I can do it again.

Which brings me back to my title… what am I now doing, starting just yesterday, as I write? have you seen those pedal exercisers which they have in old folks’ home – so people lacking mobility can pedal from their ordinary chairs? It can be put on a table and used as an arm exerciser too… well, yesterday I bought one, and now it is beneath this desk I am writing on. So even though my spelling has become erratic and typos abound, I can exercise as I write! Perfect! This morning I noticed my muscles were a little stiff – it must be working!!

I will keep you updated!


  1. David Lewis

    My YMCA days are almost over because my back and legs are in constant pain and I can’t walk very far. I’ll sure miss my friends and the great way I felt. Tried walking the medieval way but it made things way worse.Sorry. If you think you have troubles with the NHS then try living off the beaten path in Canada. If I would have handled my job the way some doctors do they would have put a broom in my hand or my walking papers.Maybe I could win a lottery and go to England for surgery then have a dance with you in the Dolphin afterwards!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lois

      Oh I am sorry… I know how much you enjoy it and how much good it does. Tai chi? Swimming? I think we are so fortunate with the NHS – the only problem is it is underfunded; we are very very lucky. xx


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